Typography: No Royalties For Bob Barker
May 28th, 2013

Fans of Grand Theft Auto may have noticed a striking similarity between my logo and that of their favorite video game. For those who are new, GTA (the actual video game) is a shoot-em-up-car-jacking-thrill-ride where going on a rampage is as fun as actually trying to beat the game. Lawlessness is the main goal. Not only for the mayhem and destruction you can get involved in but the fact that they jacked the whole scenario, characters and drug culture from the streets. In addition, they made use of vector art styles emerging at that time to create a brand that is internationally known. At first I felt like Rockstar Games jacked my style--they took a popular graphic look and turned in into an icon. With all respect due for the hours I have spent stealing cars and blasting pigs, I should mention that even the logo was borrowed from a place you may not have guessed.

The original letters come from The Price is Right television show hosted by Bob Barker. You might remember him as the guy who put the beat down on Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore). They were able to turn price checking in the grocery isle into a game show with strategic product placement as the whole point of watching. Made for good entertainment while home sick or playing hooky.

The little world created by the GRAND THEFT ARTIST we honor the pure spirit of anarchy. I borrowed the typography to make a statement about the role of art in society. It symbolizes the realm that is untouchable, un-own-able and as real as any other idea. Sorry Bob Barker--no royalties for you in our imaginary GTA (the art and crimes of M.U.N.G.O.) universe. Art imitates life...life imitates art.

You can be a grand theft artist too! Here is the download link for the Pricedown font.
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